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What is a Health Group Cooperative?
The purpose of a cooperative is to band together a large number of employers to be underwritten and rated as one large group to obtain health and related employee benefits. We are able to use our purchasing power to bring you a rich selection of plans and benefits typically only large employers enjoy. Additionally, the cooperative provides rate and claims stability for the future.
Is MD Health Group a state or government funded program?
No, MD Health Group is solely funded by its members and does not receive state, federal or any outside funding.

What are the advantages?
• Outsource employee benefits – the cooperative becomes an extension of the employers business acting as your new employee benefits department.
• Attract and retain employees with a quality employee benefits package
• Simplified delivery of a full employee benefit suite of offerings
• Provides stability as a large group
• Consolidated billing – employers receive only one bill for all products.
• Simplified Administration – one source for changes, new hires, terminations, billing questions…etc
• COBRA /State Continuation administration – notices, collect premiums, record keeping…

Is MD Health Group approved by Texas Department of Insurance?
Yes, MD Health Group is filed and approved by Texas Department of Insurance.

Who is eligible to join MD Health Group?
Employers that belong to a sponsoring organization may join MD Health Group and obtain coverage for their employees. Employer’s must have two or more employees. Texas Department of Insurance requires a two-year commitment from employers who join the cooperative to assure stability within the group.